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December 16, 2008


Linda J

I love it Brenda - what a clever idea!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. This will be perfect for my desk too!
One of the things on my "to do for 2009" is to learn some Photoshop skills.:)
We have 2-5 inches of snow coming our way tonight - and more forecast for Thursday - enjoy your sunshine.:)


Thank you! The images and layout are amazing! I'm leaving today to meet my new grandson - who will be arriving Sat. or Sun.!!! When I get home, I plan to print out the calendar first thing. Thank you again for the gift of your talent.

Leslie Herbert

Brenda! Oh my, this is just gorgeous! you totally outdid yourself friend! THANK YOU! hugs!


Thanks Brenda! It's so darn cute and I love it. Going to print one out! Neat gift idea too! One for them and one for me! Ho Ho Ho

Molly Newman

This project is darling! I love how you've showed off the possibilities of using brushes while keeping the overall design so simple & clean. Great work!


Brenda - Thank you so much for sharing. I love it! I am going to print one out for me and one for my boss's wife as we both need the space on our desks too!!

Would you mind sharing what kind of paper you printed yours on.

Thank you again!! Happy Holidays!!


susan opel

Absolutely lovely, Brenda! Merry Christmas! :)

Sherri Thompson

Thank you! I can't wait to print this for my counter at the lss where I work! I will make sure I tell everyone who "gave" it to me! Merry Xmas!

Teri M.

Thank you so much for your great kindness. This calander is beautiful.

Teri M.

Thank you so much for your great kindness. This calander is beautiful.


Brenda, this is fantastic! Thank you SO much!


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! This is SO cute!!! You did a great job, now when I look at my new calendar, I will think of you! :)


Thank you for such a wonderful gift. These are beautiful templates!


Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this! What do you suggest that I print it out on? Photo paper or Cardstock? Thanks!
OKC, OK :)


How cute! Thanks for sharing!!!Deb


Thank you so much for sharing this, you are a gem!
My favourite months are January and September, but I love them all!
I printed them on cardstock and the quality is very nice.
Have a great Cristmas!


Brenda, thank you so much. I am not much of a computer whiz so thanks for solving a problem for me (like Google did for you)

Janet aka Jarie

Great calendar. In fact it is awesome. TFS.


Your projects are great inspiration. First -- the changes you made to Jessica Sprague's wonderful Stories in Hand and now inspiring me to experiment more with Photoshop. I love what you created and will look forward to the 2009 planner. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Dear Brenda,
I love the simple but elegant designs you've created here; thank you SO much for sharing!!!

I enjoy reading your blog posts daily. :-)

Merry Christmas!

Betsy in Chicago


I love this ! It will be the perfect size for my desk & I'll think of you when I look at it. I finally have power back & am glad to be online & able to keep up with your blog again. Have a wonderful holiday.


I loved the 2008 planner! This is a terrific calendar. I am thankful that there are great people like you who are creative and technological enough to create things like this and then be so generous as to share! I hope you can make the 2008 planner work- I love mine! My friends are jealous and I would love for them to make their own. Thanks for all your creativity and generosity! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nancy LeB

Love this calendar - googled and found your blog by looking for a planner - can't wait for the 2009 updates for that. Have a great holiday season - thanks for sharing - Nancy

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