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August 13, 2009


Jeanne aren't the last person to discover Pandora Radio. I never even heard of it before reading this post. (but then I don't do iTunes, either. I have an MP3 player with a dead battery. LOL I just haven't taken the time to explore this stuff.

Thanks for the heads up. I will be checking it out sometime soon!

Jaclyn Livingston

I work for a company called Livio, we took Pandora and put it on an easy to use standalone internet radio. It works wirelessly (with wifi). It lets you create stations and rate songs just like you would online. It also provided 16,000 internet radio stations. Here's the website so that you can take a look.


Nope, me are just a wealth of information. I love it!!! I am going to tune in immediately, if I can get these fingers to work faster than my brain. LOL


I would love to discover Pandora Radio but alas it's RESTRICTED (!!) here in Canada. ARGH. Our stupid regulatory body won't let us have anything fun! Glad you're enjoying it, though :)


OMG, Brenda, this is the best!

Judy H.

Where have I been? Haven't heard of it either! Thanks...and I'll be checking it out!


Gee Ms. B it looks like you might have opened Pandora's box. Pun intended! Wayne


I am the last one to discover Pandora Radio! I'm glad that you enjoy Chris Botti & Dave Koz! Thanks for sharing!!

Lori Neal

I just checked out Pandora - Oh my - looks like I now have something else to "play" with on the internet! Thanks for the info!

Amy L

Oh this is just the best! Check out the iPhone app too.


Oh I just love Pandora! Right now it's playing Louis Armstrong radio for me! Ian loves me to dance him around the living room to a great Louis Armstrong or Billie Holiday song.


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing Pandora, and no, you obviously weren't the last person to know about it.

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