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September 14, 2010


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Judi Freihoff

We've had a real big problem with squirrels. They ate right thru Bill's workshop wall. And to make matters worse, the neighbors actually FEED them with those cute little squirrel feeders. Apparently they don't like their house/garage/workshop.


Gosh darn squirrels. Very annoying and expensive varmints. I had one chew through my window screen and come into the house through the hole he made. Grrrrr....They are cute from a distance, but up close are a major pain in the neck! Good luck!

Jan C.

Well hunh. I never knew squirrels could do all that much damage. Didn't know they cared about getting inside my house. That's a creepy thought!

We used to have a tulip tree right at the edge of our small patio, off the family room. My husband loves birdwatching, and he had placed a suet feeder on the tree. We were really getting a lot of birds at that feeder. And a lot of squirrels. It got to the point where, one day, Dennis hared off out of the family room, through the garage door, and to the back yard, where he threw a couple of big sticks at some offending squirrel. I guess he was fed up and thought the squirrel might remember that a psycho lived in the house with the suet feeder?

They make t-shirts for this, did you know that?


The visual of you aiming a pellet gun at the roof is too much!! Do you KNOW how much my friends would laugh if I did that? But you know what? We've had a leak for YEARS for which no one can find the source and I'm gonna be inspecting any nearby boots now and may have to invest in a pellet gun!! Every time we have a thunderstorm (and lately that's frequently), the can light in the 20-foot ceiling above the fireplace pours water! Never thought to blame the squirrels, but now they have become "persons of interest". lol

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