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June 07, 2011


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Well done to Kayla. What an exciting time for her. In the UK you have to be 17 before you can start driving, and then have to be supervised until you pass your theory and practical tests. My daughter couldn't wait, neither of my sons have ever bothered to learn because we have decent public transport here. Drive carefully. Jude.x

Tyra Shortino

Congrats to her! It's definitely a happy occasion to score high on the driving test. It's a sign of things to come, of enjoying the time on the road as a person who can legally drive without supervision. One more milestone of growth!

Stelle Courney

She still looks so young! How old is she when she got her driver’s license? That’s certainly an accomplishment at such a young age. Congratulations, Kayla! If a person is determined, he/she will definitely learn how to drive. Self-confidence is actually one of the keys to driving. ;)

Naomi Champy

I applaud her for getting this far. You usually won’t see girls of her age group who have achieved the same things she did. This shows a sense of responsibility and maturity in her. Yes, she can go solo now, my only advice is: always keep safe and do things in moderation. Way to go, Kayla! =)

Rita McCall

That’s nice. How’s Kayla so far? Is she a good motorist so far? Just don’t forget to obey traffic rules day and night. =) Also, don’t forget that cars need maintenance, too, to preserve its looks and good performance. Drive safely and with confidence.

Michelina Douglass

Her score of 99 in the driver’s test only means that she has the potential to become a good and responsible driver at her young age. But remind her to always be cautious of the traffic rules, and to keep her hands on the wheels, and not on her phone or any other gadget. Keep safe! =)

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