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February 05, 2013



I once read that history is only the victor's version of the facts. I wonder where this technology will will lead next, what other mysteries uncovered and maybe solved?


We've loved following this story (Leicester is only a few exits down the motorway from us). I do hope he now has a burial befitting a King - maybe full ceremonial funeral would be too much, but certainly represented by the current Royal family. I'm loving all the jokes going round...... Who's going pay the 500 year parking fine? Burying a King under a multi-storey car park is wrong on so many levels! Those are two of my favourites! :-)
There is now talk of exhuming the skeleton of King Alfred, in Winchester, although I guess they need to trace his ancestors first, to get DNA to match? Maybe you will have a link there? :-D Jude


Fascinating story!

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