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January 28, 2014



Snow in Florida! Yikes, Mother Nature needs to revisit her maps. You would think in this area of southern Ontario that we would be better drivers in the white stuff - but reports are that we are not so good in it; Saturday's 15- 20cm of blowing snow brought about over 1600 accidents. I think we should adopt Florida's idea - bad weather, postpone going out in it, except for your own back yard !


Crikey! The world weather has gone barmy, hasn't it? We have a chance of snow towards the end of this week; I hate driving in it, but mostly because of other drivers and when walking I always end up on my bum at least once every year. lol
But I'd take snow over wind any day of the week. And rain is a way of life here. :-) Hope it by-passes Florida but if it doesn't staying inside sounds like a good idea.
Stay safe. Jude.x

Linda P

I wonder how many snowbirds will be looking for studded tires for their walkers?

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