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March 14, 2014



Oh Brenda... I'm laughing so hard right now! And only because I know of what you speak! Just this past Wednesday I decided to do the annual pruning-of-the-crepe-myrtles. Some years they get more of a haircut than others. I fought with the bypass pruners, the hand saw, and finally the chain saw (which gave me fits keeping it running) all afternoon. When Gary got home he saw how tired I was, and immediately said "the chainsaw probably needs a new sparkplug." -and promptly took the old one out, and said he'd try to clean it before going back to Lowe's. He dipped, burned with a flame, and rubbed on it for 10 minutes and had that baby running through the limbs like warmed butter!

So, yes, I'm right there with you about those little demonstrations of true love! (plus, I think he's just glad I actually enjoy to prune the trees at all and he doesn't have to do it, lol)

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