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March 19, 2014



It's such a shame, isn't it? We've lost a local, independent music store, thanks to music downloads (and "piracy" too to some extent). It was more than a store selling's CD's though - they sold instruments, vinyl records, CD's you couldn't get anywhere else because they weren't in the charts, sheet music.....
The assistants knew their stuff, unlike the big national stores where the assistants are kids, chewing gum, discussing their social lives and telling me "...if we have it it's on the racks..."! Yeah, maybe! But where and how would I know?
And if my computer crashes, I'll have lost the music; just like photos... I need the "hard copy", be it photos, music, documents! LOL I'll never stop being a hoarder, will I? :-) :-)
PS. Lovely photo of Wayne by the way. Hope he has one of you on his desk? ;-) x


I also need hard copies of photos & music. Scrapping is so different these days. Me I am still the paper traditional kind. Today's entry has me thinking so many things & no worries I will not rant on here. The video of Shay's photos will not play for me so I will need to go the long route but that is OK, immediate is not something I need every time. I try to move with the technology changes but I also try to be selective about what changes I really need or want to make. This all boils down to we need to ask ourselves better questions & I think the first one should be; just because we can, does it mean we should?

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