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March 25, 2014


Jan Connair

My grandma was a prolific afghan maker and made one (at least) for each of her daughters and many of her granddaughters. I enjoyed my variegated blue number for a couple of decades, but eventually boxed it up on a whim one day and mailed it to a male cousin of mine who was fighting cancer and didn't have an afghan of his own. I think I even told him he should picture Grandma giving him a hug from heaven when he used it! I felt really weird doing it, because I'm not especially close to this cousin, but am close to his younger sister, and his mom is my godmother. I was sure he'd think I was being a little odd.

Don't you know, he's never stopped thanking me for sending that blanket to him. I believe he even passed it on to a great-grandchild who got cancer a few years later.


There is nothing like a hug given from such a gift of the time it took to make and the love pouring into the stitches (when crocheting, which I do not do, are they called stitches?). Lovely afghans, sweet memories.


I loved reading this. Those are such wonderful family treasures and meant to be enjoyed. I'm all for putting the super fragile things away, but those women most definitely meant for their families to enjoy their handcrafted afghans. I've made many for my family over the years, and I know the love that goes into each piece, so enjoy those "hugs" each and every time you wrap yourself up. :)

Linda P

Brenda, I think you're totally doing the right thing by using these things! I've got so many things like this stored away for the next generation -- beautiful quilts, my great-grandmother's rocking chair, my grandmother's dining room set, etc. I promised I would never let the dining room furniture get out of the family, but you know what? I don't think anybody else in the family is going to want it! Their tastes all run toward modern things, and they just don't seem to "get" that the rocking chair is special because of all the generations of babies who have been lovingly rocked in it. When I die, I have a feeling the kids/grandkids will have a huge auction, split the proceeds, and go buy new stuff!

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