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March 10, 2014



Wow! Just wow! Those figures make me even more grateful for the UK's National Health Service. It's not the greatest, and we probably wouldn't have had the 10 days in Rehab that Wayne had, but almost $140,000!!!!! Just curious (because with Hubby out of work, we'd be struggling to pay Health Insurance at the moment) what happens if you don't have Insurance?
My son has an appointment with his specialist and daughter in law isn't sure if her Insurance will cover that.. I'm expecting to have to help out with costs. Gulp! Could be cheaper to just fly him home. :-D Now there's an idea..... :-) :-) Pleased Wayne is now reaping the benefits though. Jude.x


I will second that WOW - health is a priceless gift, but keeping it can really ring up the dollars. I know our Canadian health care system is not perfect, but ever so thankful for it. I once read that being healthy is expensive but recovery is twice the cost. Thank goodness for insurance coverage. Glad Wayne is enjoying the benefit of his surgery - pain free movement.


Good golly! I'm so happy to hear that he's doing so well though!

We have RARELY even met our deductible over the years (thank goodness!), but within a one month period, both Lindsay and Gary each had brief ER visits. Lindsay's was on Dec. 23rd, due to a sudden onset of the flu. Of course it happened at night and she was having difficulties breathing. Long story short there - we were there for 90 minutes and came home with an inhaler. The bill? Almost $3000. Bad post-script to that story was the fact that I hadn't realized that the hospital where I took her (we have two in this area) wasn't our "preferred" one because the health insurance had changed in 2013 and they only play nicely with the other one. It has truly been a headache and we're paying not only the larger deductible but about twice as much as we would have had I realized this and driven her 5 more miles down the road. Lesson learned. Gary's was in early January, and happened when he was traveling in Ohio on business and came down with the stomach flu. By the 4th day of not being able to fly home due to the nausea, he took himself to the ER and had to stay almost 3 hours and get 3 bags of IVs to get re-hydrated enough to make it on the plane ride home. The cost? over $3000. Luckily it WAS on the preferred list and much less out of pocket.

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