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June 07, 2014


Jan C

We had a sleeper sofa that was actually pretty decent. It was firm to sit on with no sinkholes, and not too bad to sleep on. But after 20+ years, we got rid of it and purchased a new sofa. My (almost adult) kids actually fought me on this because they thought it was so comfy!!! I'm not sure they've forgiven me yet, and I still hear comments about how the new sofa just isn't as good as the old slate blue, country-themed, high roll-arm sleeper sofa, with holes in the fabric. All I can say is: ?????!!!! When it's time to move on, it's time to move on! Glad Wayne got on board, and I hope whatever you replace it with makes both of you even happier than the old sofa.


Enjoy the fullness of the semi emptiness of the room. For years I accepted almost everyone's "cleaning out the closet" items because I thought I should. Now I know the pleasure of the emptiness statement - Ilearned the phrase No Thank You, found the phone number of the GoodWill folks and rid myself of the others collections. You are a good friend for sending that sofa on its way and not to a friend's spare room.

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