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June 05, 2014



Think of all the mosquitoes that will never make it into the house. I think the skinks and other lizards stay close to the house because the AC and lights at night attract the bugs.
I can tell you how to catch the wiggly little critters as I have become quite proficient, if I can locate them. My cat has brought in 6 so far this spring. I had 4 rescues and 2 casualties, (because the murdering cat got to them while I was sleeping).


... and that last sentence is exactly why I'm glad I live in the UK! LOL. Actually the whole post is why, but the last sentence would have me moving back here!! :-D
When were in L.A. a couple of weeks ago we went to the Wilderness Park. The temperature was around 100*f and the first sign we saw was warning us not to approach Rattle snakes which may be basking in the sun! :o Hubby was back in the car within 5 minutes. I did last about half an hour.... lol.

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